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Perfect Plastering and Rendering in Halifax, West Yorkshire

When preparing to decorate your property, it is important that the walls are plastered smoothly to allow for the finest finish. At C M Garlick Roofing Services, in Halifax, West Yorkshire, our team of skilled plasterers complete a wide range of rendering and plastering services. Working with homeowners and businesses, we make sure that our plastering and roof work is completed in line with our exceptionally high standards.


Having your old walls skim coated is a great way of ensuring a smooth finish. After skim coating, walls can be painted or wallpapered without the appearance of dings, paint bubbles, or roughness. The drying time varies depending on the background. However, it is usually ready to be decorated in three to five days.


This type of plaster is used on a wide range of backgrounds. It can be used to plaster onto brick backgrounds or patch in damaged or blown plaster. It can also be used to repair cracks. A skim coat is generally applied on top of bonding to leave a nice, smooth background.

Dot and Dabbing

This process is an internal alternative to traditional, solid sand and cement render. This method involves putting dots of drywall adhesive onto the wall, dabbing the plasterboard onto these dots, and then using a straight edge to tap and find the right level. When it comes to both application and drying time, dot and dabbing is quicker than other plastering methods.

Easy Fill

This is used as a general filler for little dents in walls or to prepare walls for painting.

Plaster on Wall

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